New Group for Indie Writers and Readers

As you may remember, fellow indie author Cendrine Marrouat and I created an #AuthorIndieSpeak Twitter chat last year, where we discussed all sorts of things relevant to indie authors. We discussed marketing, how to publish, reaching readers, and much more.

We’ve decided a Facebook group might be a better format for these conversations and better bring together readers and writers. So we’re testing the waters with a new Facebook group and inviting you to join!

The Authors & Readers Speak group seeks to spark engaging and harmonious conversations between indie authors and readers about all sorts of topics, including many of the topics we cover here on Waking Writer in author interviews. We hope the group will be a space where writers can hear from readers about their interests and perspectives on indie books. While the group is not a space for author self-promotion, we anticipate there will be opportunities for self-promotion sporadically. So check out the new group and consider joining today!

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