Why Does Waking Writer Offer Free Interviews?

More than anything else, Waking Writer exists to showcase writers and authors from all over the world. Every writer has a unique story and journey, and that experience provides inspiration to other writers and creatives. Waking Writer is interested in highlighting and sharing these portraits of budding literary artists. Interviews provide a perfect platform to share your writing journey and, at once, gain exposure to a wider audience.  

What Kind of Literature Does Waking Writer Highlight?

Waking Writer accepts interview requests from poets and fiction authors writing in most genres, but interviews are especially welcome from authors exploring science fiction, fantasy, LGBT themes, African-American themes, and young adult fiction. Waking Writer does not accept interview requests from authors of erotica and Christian or religious-themed material. 

What’s the Interview Process Like?

Interviews are conducted entirely via email, very straightforward, and provide authors an easy opportunity to gain exposure to a wider audience. Once an author is invited to submit an interview and the submission is received, the interview is posted on the site within one month and shared via social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr).

Note: Any interview submission riddled with errors and/or is otherwise illegible will be rejected.

For all the eager authors out there, if you’d like an interview spotlighted, please contact Waking Writer here. Expect a response regarding your inquiry within 3 to 5 business days.