Existence Parallel by Patricia M. Muhammad

Two worlds exist. One tangible, and the other intangible. Only the elders of the first world know the secrets of the other. This is what they believe. For many years Queen Udelilia conspires against Princess Valera because of her destiny and the gifts the Great Powers bestowed upon her. The princess escapes the watchful eye of the palace guards who are under the orders of her father, King Alchean. She hears a voice in the forest. It is Prince Rhyselian of the unseen world…

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About the Author:

Patricia M. Muhammad is an multi-genre fiction author of crossover contemporary romance, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, magical realism, and historical romance genres. She has currently written 27 novels.

Patricia often incorporates characters of multi-racial heritage and interracial relationships into her books. As a young girl, she often found herself immersed in the stories of fictional characters, from animated animals to youth who were amateur detectives, to a young girl survivor on a mission to save her younger brother off the coast of the wilderness. These stories contributed to her budding imagination.

She is currently working on her next book manuscript.

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