Waking Writer is now accepting visual art submissions!

Waking Writer seeks to highlight selected visual art pieces to help visual artists gain more exposure. While this option is ideal for visual artists with upcoming exhibitions, gallery openings, or recently released books, the service is open to all visual artists hoping to get their works in front of more potential patrons and viewers. We have a preference for visual art that is accompanied by short prose or poetry or connected to the theme of writing and/or literature. Most forms of visual art are welcome, including but not limited to photography, illustration, animation, painting, and drawing.

Submission Guidelines:

Only one art piece will be highlighted per submission. The file must be formatted as a low-res jpg and provided via a link. The file can be formatted to approximately 1000px on the short edge and saved to medium jpg quality to keep the file size small. Do not provide print-quality files.

Please prepare your art gallery by uploading it to an online lightbox (or other accessible, online location). Additionally, note in your blurb or description if you have an upcoming exhibition or gallery opening, etc.

Expect a response regarding your submission within 3 to 5 business days. Visual Art Highlights are posted within one month after a request is submitted. 

All work will be credited to the artist with a link to their website. Out of respect to artists, please do not submit AI-generated artwork.

Waking Writer Visual Art Highlight Submission Form

Header image courtesy of Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay.

DISCLAIMER: Waking Writer claims no ownership of the images or photographs on this site unless otherwise indicated. If you see an image on this site that belongs to you and would like it removed, please contact the editor and the image will be removed promptly.

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