Conversation Highlights from #AuthorIndieSpeak

On Thursday, July 28, 2022, Cendrine Marrouat and I hosted our first #AuthorIndieSpeak chat on Twitter, where we invited indie authors to meet and discuss random things related to writing and publishing. We had a robust conversation with a few indie authors about all manner of things, from how the weather affects our writing to beta readers and blurb writing to how we juggle writing in different genres. Below are some highlights from the conversation.

On how weather affects our writing:

On writing tools and software:

On influences and writing in different genres:

On marketing and publicity strategies:

The conversation was so broad and diverse that I hardly realized an hour had flown by! Thanks to Cendrine for being an amazing co-host and even suggesting that we launch #AuthorIndieSpeak. Please stay tuned for updates about the next chat. Click here to check out more of the conversation!

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about the next chat, drop your Twitter link in the comment section below (so I can notify you directly) or subscribe to Waking Writer posts. Hope to see you at the next #AuthorIndieSpeak chat!

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