4 Ways to Support Indie Authors!

Being a writer is not for the faint of heart. From actually writing a novel, short story collection, or book of poetry, and editing it to completion, to having the courage to share it with the world…it’s hard work! But the hardest part is marketing, getting your work in front of more readers. In fact, marketing might be the most difficult part of being a writer…and I think readers are often shocked to hear this. In the past, readers have asked me, “what can I do to support you and other writers I love?”

Well, I’ll start by saying that my advice is for readers specifically interested in supporting indie writers. Spoiler: it’s not always about buying our books. There are so many easy (and even free) ways to support indie authors, so I’m going to share a few tips here. See the images below.

1. Reserve their book at your local library.

When you request a book at your library, it encourages the library to order a copy. It means the author makes a few dollars and gets their book into more hands…all at no cost to you!

2. Ask your local bookstore to carry the book.

It’s as easy as walking into your favorite small bookstore and saying, “Hey, I’m looking for [insert book title] by [insert author].” Your interest might convince the bookstore to carry a few copies of the book, especially if the author is local.

3. Leave a review online.

Reviews are like water for authors…absolutely vital. Reviews, no matter how long or short, help other readers, bookstores, and libraries decide whether to order a book. By leaving a review (even one sentence) on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Bookbub, or elsewhere online, you’re helping an author more than you can imagine.

4. Share and talk about the book on social media.

Sharing on social media puts the author’s books in front of more potential readers. No matter the social media platform, pay it forward by posting about that awesome book you’re reading or that cool author you’re following!

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3 responses to “4 Ways to Support Indie Authors!”

  1. I’d dare say that another thing potential readers could do to help is just take a chance. With eBooks being such a cheaper alternative to an actual book, it’s throw away change to give a new author a try. Got nothing to lose and potentially a new story collection to love

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