The Aliens by Budhaditya Ghosh

A deadly gamma-ray burst bears down on the ramshackle mining colonies orbiting Jupiter.

As the Terran military struggles to evacuate everyone in time, tensions back home fly high as innocent refugees become pawns in a game of political maneuvers and posturing. The wheels of a sinister conspiracy begin to turn and grind even while the operation draws to a close. Will justice be done? And where there is evil, who will bear witness?

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About the Author:

Budhaditya Ghosh is a first-year law student from Kolkata, India. He is an avid debater and quizzer, and takes an active interest in national and international politics. He enjoys writing mainly fantasy and science fiction. His ambit of reading is much wider, encompassing everything from Percy Jackson to Plato’s Republic. When not annoying his parents or playing with his dog, he enjoys cooking, anime, gaming, and Netflix.

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