Ardennia: The Unlikely Story of Cinderella’s Prince by Bruce Calhoun

A Cinderella story like no other, Ardennia is a young adult historical fantasy that captures the magic, brutality and earthiness of the medieval age. This first book in a series chronicles the many adventures of Cinderella’s prince as he experiences his first joust, undergoes his baptism of fire in the Battle of Paris, is charmed by Cinderella at a masquerade ball, and sets off on a quest to find her after she flees the ball at the midnight hour.

The quest takes him and his folksy mentor, Sir Guy, through strange lands supposedly inhabited by ogres, pixies, hobgoblins, man-eating plants and giants; and peopled by an extraordinary and motley cast of characters that include an epileptic bard, a bean counter who wagers his gold tooth in a dice game, a merchant who can never be too prosperous, a little girl who has a running feud with three bears, pilgrims that argue over who is the most pious and a beggar who has been cursed with leprosy for committing all the cardinal sins. Be on the look-out for a bit of Chaucer-like satire in this adapted fairy tale.

Seven Reasons to read Ardennia:
7. Robinette the Hood’s cameo
6. The buffoon’s gambit
5. The ironic ending
4. The love affair between Cinderella’s stepmother and the hunchback
3. Sir Guy’s story of the elf and the troll
2. Queen Bernadette’s sagacity
1. Prince Henry’s tete-a-tetes with the 14 ladies who attended the ball

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About the Author:

Exploring the woods behind my house while I was growing up in rural Wisconsin, working passage on a tramp freighter, fending off White Tipped oceanic sharks on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, filming lowland gorillas in Africa, capsizing a sailboat in the Bermuda Triangle, mushing sled dogs in Alaska, teaching marine biology in Puerto Rico, visiting the Amazon and founding Save the Rainforest in 1988 are but a few of the highlights in Bruce Calhoun’s life. Other highlights include writing an award winning play, an autobiography and his latest novel, Ardennia. Currently he is serving as president of Save the Rainforest and living a rather sedate life in Southwestern Wisconsin with his beloved wife, Paco (their dog) and Stonewall (their cat).

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