The Kaleidoscope Called Life by A.V.S Pranavi

What is life, if not the journey between birth and death! Yet, life does not cease to cause disarray, it does not stop at bad days, does not think enough is enough. This poetry collection explores every emotion that life puts forth and what it really means to experience them. It is a documentation of feelings, of memories, of thoughts and of ideas in the form of verse – the lines that can make you cry, make you laugh, make you angry, lines that play with your sensations; just like how life plays with you.

This semi-autobiographical anthology is divided into four parts all of which explore various sensations one feels. The collection looks at the many things that make life enjoyable. It also touches upon diverse issues that people face and demands solutions from people who can make a change. This anthology is a roller-coaster ride, unpredictable like life, but makes for one assorted read.

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About the Author:

A.V.S Pranavi is a student of English Literature and a poetry enthusiast. She writes creative content in her free time and is also a blogger and a bibliophile.

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