Mirror of Desire by Ananta Govinda

Kastuba, a Paladin of Light, stands on the edge of an unfathomable labyrinth.

Hidden inside is the mysterious woman of his dreams. His spiritual training has led him to the verge of the highest achievement, the axis of the universe which connects all worlds. But does Kastuba dare to throw that away for a quest to rescue the love of his life, a woman he has never seen?

Mirror of Desire is an elegant weave of fantasy, philosophy, romance, and adventure, chronicling a voyage through a world of earthly duality into the realms beyond time. Applying the wisdom of ancient cultures, this epic’s pages explore ageless questions drawn from our universal heritage.

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About the Author:

Ananta Govinda is a visionary author, musician, photographer, and multimedia producer based in San Francisco, California. He has been a practitioner of Vedic science and bhakti-yoga for over 25 years. Calling himself “a handyman at the temple of the Sacred Universe,” Ananta’s talents are versatile and well-rounded.

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