Where Crows Land, by Paul McCracken

This gripping thriller is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and chronicles the dramatic events when a former detective, Joseph Carter, sets out to gain redemption from the consequences of an old case that cost him everything.

Carter is still haunted by the murders of his niece and brother-in-law at the hands of a serial killer he was trying to track down. One year on, the killer has returned and Carter, now a disgraced detective gone private, launches a personal vendetta to catch him this time around.

“Great dialogue, taut story. Mr. McCracken sucks you in and doesn’t let go.” – Chaz, Amazon

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About the Author:

Paul McCracken is an author from Belfast, Northern Ireland. He writes in the Crime Fiction genre and all of his stories take place within his native Northern Ireland. Paul found some success in screenwriting before moving onto novels. To date, he has secured two book deals with two different publishers and has written a total of four books.

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