7 Black-Owned Bookstores to Check Out During #BlackHistoryMonth

Looking for a way to support black authors AND black bookstores during this #BlackHistory month? Here are some black-owned bookstores from around the United States. Each one has an expansive and interesting catalogue with online ordering available.

Enda’s Booktique (Duncanville, Texas)

Enda’s Booktique is an independent bookstore located in Duncanville (Dallas), Texas, founded by Enda Jean Pemberton Jones, an African American educator and chaplain….Enda’s Booktique is part of E. Jean’s mission to connect women and families in her community to equitable and quality educational and literary programs and resources. The mission is accomplished through the bookstore’s collection of curated books which are written by women, about women, and for women. 

Frugal Bookstore (Roxbury, Massachusetts)

We are a community bookstore located in Roxbury with a passion of promoting literacy within our children, teens and adults. We’ve got all these great books (and getting more all the time) at incredible prices that we want you to see.

Harambee! Books & Artworks (Alexandria, Virginia)

The company’s philosophy is to empower and educate people by providing quality resources and services. Come and browse our unique selection of books and hard-to-find classic literature by and about people of African descent. HARAMBEE, means “working together” in Swahili. Although general bookstores and the largest chain stores may carry mainstream black literature and bestsellers, once a person wants to go deeper into culturally related inventory, including small press and independently published works, Harambee fills that niche.

Cafe Con Libros (Brooklyn, New York)

Cafe con Libros (coffee with books) is an intersectional Feminist community bookstore and coffee shop.  Through our choice of books, programming and great coffee, we endeavor to create a vibrant community space where everyone; specifically female identified folx, feel centered, affirmed and celebrated.  

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books is a Coffee Shop and Bookstore located in the heart of the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Founded by Marc Lamont Hill in 2017, Uncle Bobbie’s was created to provide underserved communities with access to books and a space where everyone feels valued. In addition to our specially curated book selection, we also serve high quality coffee, food products, and more, including apparel and children’s games.

Da Book Joint (Chicago, Illinois) 

Da Book Joint is a

#BlackWomanOwnedBusiness born on the #Southside of #Chicago 

committed to literary growth and the positive engagement of the youth. Reading is an activity that strengthens the mind and provides a barrage of ideas and creativity. With a wide array of books and literary materials available, more and more people are becoming even more enamored with the act of reading now than ever.

Harriet’s Bookshop (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Harriett’s Bookshop, named for historical heroine Harriett Tubman, celebrates women authors, women artists, and women activists.

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