Question Culture: Freedom of the Press

As you know, at Waking Writer we don’t focus on writing and literature in a vacuum. In recognition that all writing and art operates within a broader social context. For this reason, we sometimes (albeit infrequently) share opinion pieces. Last month, I shared the first episode of Question Culture, a bi-weekly socio-political podcast started by Lornett B. Vestal at Evolving Man Project, our partner site. Just last week, they dropped another fascinating episode discussing press freedom!

On this episode Lornett and Brian discuss corporate control of the mainstream media, the long history of propaganda, and the importance of independent news organizations. Listen now.

[Any views or opinions expressed on this podcast belong solely to Brian and Lornett (or guests) and do not represent those of people, institutions, or organizations that Brian and Lornett (or guests) may or may not be associated with in any professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.]

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