Gone by A.C. Efverman

Three teenage boys disappear from an exclusive suburb in Sydney.

Kidnappers contact the boys’ families – but before any ransom sums have been paid, two of the boys’ bodies are found floating in the harbor. DS Morgan Callaghan has taken time off work for personal reasons, but now he’s called in to lead the kidnapping and murder investigations – and once again Morgan must face cruelty and violent deaths…

GONE is the second novel in Swedish bestselling The Sydney Series.

About the Author:

A.C. Efverman is a Swedish bestselling crime author. She was born and raised in Stockholm, and she traveled the world for six years before she decided to move to Australia. Her first novel was published in Sweden year 2002. Her Swedish novels in The Sydney Series have listed #1 Bestseller on Amazon many times. She writes from her own experiences of being a victim of crime – and more than twenty years of research on real life murderers, police procedures and forensic data. Efverman’s also an artist – she’s a graduate of Stockholm School of Arts – and her portrait paintings of her book characters have been exhibited in an art gallery in Sydney. Read her previous interview with Waking Writer here.

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