The Erris Starship by Denis McClean

Erris has defied Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way for far longer than people have been in Ireland or even in Europe for that matter.

This remote and timeless landscape exudes a bittersweet melancholy for things tragically lost and now largely forgotten.

The result is that each breath of its salty humid air is anathema to visions of fantastic futures sailing seas of stars, of which only a minute fraction will ever touch its luminous horizons. And yet, who knows for sure who comes and who goes in places that are practically guaranteed to go unseen for long periods of time.

Conor McCarthy has arrived where his parents claimed to have first met under somewhat mysterious circumstances. He’s there because he made a promise to do the right thing by them. The thing is, tragedy stole them from him, but not before they teased him with very tall tales that strongly hinted of an ancient secret that was still his to unearth.

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An aviation operations professional who now has time to put virtual pen to virtual paper and so take people on some very wild flights using fearless insight as wings and imagination as thrust. Denis McClean believes in the potential of apparently damaged people who unobtrusively share the same world of limitless opportunities. The very fickle element that will make them noticeable is Destiny.

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