The Ghosts of Kings by Amy Flint

flintThere’s never a dull moment for paranormal investigator Porter Biggleswade.

Newlyweds Bernard and Jill don’t think wedded life is so blissful after their honeymoon. Two weeks in Egypt, and now Bernard is being haunted. The case takes Porter to the Valley of the Kings, where the past catches up with her. But can she really right an ancient wrong?

The Ghosts of Kings is the third book in Amy Flint’s Porter Biggleswade series.

About the Author:

Amy loves a good mystery and the paranormal is certainly that. Her career started in archaeology – Pompeii and the British Museum, before branching out into forensics. The paranormal seemed the natural next step!

Moving to York, a city which knows a thing or two about ghosts, inspired her to turn her hand to paranormal fiction, and thus her Porter Biggleswade series was born. Nicknamed ‘The Shadow Reader’ for her ability to see ghosts, Porter is a paranormal investigator who lives above a crystal shop on York’s infamous Shambles.

Amy has recently teamed with Anna Rogers to create Anna and Amy Investigate. Anna is paranormally sensitive, and they make short films investigating the ghostly rumours of York. Amy also writes for the online paranormal magazine Paranormal Daily News.

Get your copy of the book today and follow Amy on Twitter and Facebook!

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