3rd Person POV: Pros and Cons

Maisie wasn’t sure if she was hearing voices outside her room or actually going crazy.

Have you ever vacillated between which point-of-view to use for your story? I sure have. I’m a sucker for third-person and the old-fashioned feel of it (although, I want to be edgy enough to try second-person someday). Typically, I opt for some variation of third-person limited (e.g. limiting a story to the viewpoints of two or three significant characters rather than one). Third-person omniscient is not for the faint of heart, as it’s usually difficult to pull off…for me, at least.

Here are few tips about third person point-of-view. What do you like or dislike about third-person? Do you prefer limited or omniscient?

3rd Person POV Pros and Cons


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