Plea for Justice, by Liz Lazarus

51ifetboxgl-_sy346_Plea for Justice is a psychological, legal thriller by Liz Lazarus, told in alternating viewpoints by “Jackie,” an overweight paralegal in pursuit of justice, and “Me,” a terrifying killer with treacherous cyber skills. Lazarus has once again produced a page-turner, full of drama and suspense—and more than one unexpected twist.

Set in Atlanta, GA, main character Jackie Siegel is contacted from prison by her estranged friend, Aaron Slater. In high school, he was the “cool jock” and she was the “introverted geek.” They were inseparable until graduation, when he suddenly dumped her with no explanation. Ten years later, Aaron is arrested for one of the most notorious murders in recent history. Labeled by the media as “The Snapchat Killer,” he is accused of posting videos on social media of a college student before brutally murdering her.

Aaron swears he is innocent and begs for Jackie’s help. But why would an innocent man sign a plea deal that he claims he didn’t understand, one that puts him in prison for the rest of his life? As Jackie investigates the evidence of the case, she meets resistance at every turn — no one wants this case reopened. The conflicting information and bizarre clues compel her to keep digging, uncovering questions of trust, self-protection and fate.

As Jackie closes in on the truth, loyalties are strained and relationships are tested, leaving her to wonder if she’s helping an innocent man or being played for a fool. It wouldn’t be the first time. In the end, whose plea for justice is answered?

Release Date: May 1, 2018

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Liz Lazarus was born in Valdosta, GA, and graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with an engineering degree. She spent her career as an executive at General Electric’s Healthcare division and later attended the Kellogg Graduate School of Management earning an MBA. Lazarus lives in Atlanta where she is a Managing Director at a strategic planning consulting firm in addition to writing. She has authored two novels: Free of Malice which was released in the spring of 2016 and her upcoming thriller, Plea for Justice.

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