Last Exit to Montauk by Phillip Vega

montauk.jpgWhen he approaches her at the market, he has no idea the next three weeks of his life would change him forever.

It’s the late 1980s, summertime, on the North Shore of Long Island. The air stirs with possibilities as it often does during this time of year. And so begins the romance between one Hispanic seventeen-year-old male, on the verge of manhood and ready to conquer the world, and one beautiful and intelligent young woman named B.

It is much more than romance, though. B will forever become a part of this young man’s soul. He will never forget her.

This is a coming-of-age story, a love story, replete with milestones, tangled emotions, and adventures that are the embodiments of first love. Not just for the young, but for the
young at heart.

Praise for Last Exit to Montauk

“A romance that begins in the heat of a Long Island summer bares two young souls
to new love, intimacy, and tragedy. Highly recommended!” – Lawrence Kelter, bestselling author of Back to Brooklyn, the sequel to My Cousin Vinny. 

“Raw, real, and packed with heartfelt emotion, Last Exit to Montauk is a sentimental love
story of a whirlwind romance that stands the test of time, spinning the perfect tale of the
challenges and awkwardness of love at first sight. One minute you’ll laugh, the next you’ll reach for a tissue. Full of twists and turns, the unforeseen twist at the end wrenches your heart, leaving you breathless, and reminding us all just how precious life truly is. We all have but one life. The magic is found in living it.” – Cheryl Bradshaw, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sloane Monroe mysteries

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Phillip Vega has always been a storyteller, but he’d never put pen to paper until a few years ago. Suddenly, he had a publishing contract, and in the midst of the vortex of marketing, analytics, refining, and continuing to write, he discovered what he defines as his true calling, his passion. He is now fully and happily immersed in the whirlwind that is the publishing industry, even as he diligently continues his work in software sales.

Phillip is a Long Islander with Hispanic roots, now living Florida, and it is from those memories of summers in Long Island that he crafted his book, Last Exit to Montauk. Now he can’t stop his brain from working through new ideas for future stories.

Phillip lives and his wife of twenty-three years, have four sons and “two and a half dogs,” three Chihuahuas and a shepherd. So he says, “two and a half.”


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