Of Iron and Devils by B. H. Young

b.h. youngThe Iron High Guard has stood as the enforcers of law for hundreds of years. They are the monsters at the gate that keep the devils at bay.

On the morning that a raven arrives bringing news that a Province Steward has been murdered, Clint Godzton and his men are sent to investigate. What he finds in his investigation is a killer who has crossed an ocean and is not intent on stopping with just one of the kingdom’s stewards. But while he seeks justice in a time when the kingdom is in despair and at war, the greatest threat of all is beginning to seep back into the world. At the end of his path, await revelations and choices. He must question his oath and loyalty to the Iron High Guard, to the law, as the world around him crumbles, and the line between Iron and Devils begins to fade.

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Born and raised in Florida, B.H. Young is an artist and writer and diligent fan of the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. Of Iron and Devils is his debut novel, with two follow-ups planned.

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