Klubbe the Turkle and the Golden Star Coracle

51neztotvsl-_sx351_bo1204203200_On the planet Ankor, Klubbe the turkle lives as a hermit. A marine mishap inspires him to be an inventor.

His inventions and explorations change his life, his entire planet. Turkles are close cousins of turtles. Unlike them, they have yellow golden skin and back shells, walk on their hind legs, have the gift of language, and the ability to create their own culture. The life of Klubbe may read like a light-hearted science fiction story, but it actually happened to him. Princess Corka thinks his invention is sublime. Ubbtosh, the pyramid priest, promises to guide him to the core of the cosmos. In space, there are no sign posts, he finds, but there are other beings. And on Ankor, there are mysteries to be solved. Is the Great Glom more than a myth? And what about the Great Archy Eopta?

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Philip Dodd was born in 1952, lives in Liverpool, England, has a degree in English literature from Newcastle University, and is the author of three books, Angel War, Klubbe the Turkle and the Golden Star Coracle, and Still the Dawn: Poems and Ballads. He has had poems published in poetry anthologies, like Greek Fire, The Poetry of Flowers and Along the Shore, published by Lost Tower Publications, The Dawntreader, a quarterly poetry magazine, and Mallorn, the Journal of the Tolkien Society.



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