Martin Slevin, author of Muriel’s Monster

When and why did you begin writing?

Probably when I first realized I wasn’t good-looking, couldn’t sing, dance, play an instrument, juggle or cook.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

English was the only subject in school I ever got an A in. All the other subjects were B’s and C’s. English was the only subject I was really interested in. I went to the other classes because I had to.

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?

I don’t have a genre. I think I’m probably still looking for it, all my books are completely different to each other.

Are you a full-time or part-time writer and how does that affect your writing?

I only write when the mood is upon me, then I write well. If I try to force it, or to write when I don’t feel like it, the stuff I produce is not good enough, and so it’s a waste of time.

What are some day jobs you have held?

Life Insurance Salesman, Guest House Manager, Land Registry Map Examiner, Bank Advisor, Shelf Stacker, Pool Cleaner, Tramp and Beggar.

What have you written so far?

The book I am best known for is The Little Girl in the Radiator. This won the British Medical Association’s Book of the Year (Chairman’s Choice) 2013. It is the story of the five years I spent as my mom’s main career when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It has 700 positive reviews on Amazon, and I still get emails from people from all around the world saying how much they were moved by it.

Do you work to an outline or plot sketch, or do you prefer to let a general idea guide your writing?

I have the entire story in my head before I put a word down on paper. Sometimes it takes months and months to get the whole story straight in my mind before I begin to write.

What are some ways in which you promote your work? 

I suck at promoting my own work, I always feel a little embarrassed about it, not sure why. I would much rather let someone else promote it.

Who or what inspires your writing?

People and animals generally. There are stories everywhere. On every bus and train, in every shop and street there are stories being told. The old man you sit beside on a bus has done sometime very interesting at some time in his life, you can guarantee it. Anyone who says they don’t know what to write about doesn’t understand people.

Who are some of your favorite authors that you feel were influential in your work?

Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens and Stephen King.

What is one thing you hate about being a writer?

The time it takes me to write a book, I average two years. At this rate I will be 206 when I retire.

Tell us something unique about you.

When I was 18 I went out for message and came back five years later. I sent my mother a postcard from Africa.

How can you discover more about Martin and his work?

Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Smashwords


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