Angela Auten, Author of Aidan

When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing when I was 12 years old. I just had an idea and I needed to write it out. I was really into reading when I was younger also. I thought writing would be fun. I found it as a way to express myself. I had a lot of emotions and thoughts in my head. I needed to release all the creative energy inside of me.

What have you written so far?

So far I have written Aidan. It’s the first book in the Aidan Trilogy. I have also written a novella called From My Heart and Soul. It’s a collection of short stories I have written throughout high school. Some were high school projects.

What are some ways in which you promote your work?

I promote my work through Goodreads giveaways. I also do free promotions from time to time on Barnes and Noble Nook or Amazon Kindle.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Write until you have nothing more to say. Do not give up on your writing. Keep going until you can complete your manuscript. Write for fun. Write for others and for yourself. Write something that makes you feel alive.

Can you share with readers a little bit about your latest book?

Aidan is about a boy who lost his mother at a very young age. He was six when his mother was taken from him. His life without her has been hard. The case has gone cold. Aidan just wonders when and if his mother will ever get justice!

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

I enjoyed writing in Aidan’s point of view. I loved becoming his character. He was a pain to write sometimes. His personality definitely is very different from my own. I loved the challenge.

What is your next project?

My next project is Our New Life. After that, I’m going to write the sequel to Aidan!

What role does research play in your writing?

It plays a big role. I research a lot of things for my novels. I want to be accurate about the subjects I write about.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

My mentor would be S.E. Hinton. She’s my favorite author. I have read all of her young adult books. The Outsiders is my favorite of hers.

Who or what inspires your writing?

Reading S.E. Hinton and Jodi Picoult books inspire my writing, but also my imagination. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on writing one book because I come up with another idea in the middle.

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