The Catalysis Trilogy by Denis McClean

51otopempvlAll possible futures are being constantly re-worked to produce the one that we will all experience and share tomorrow.

The main ingredients of tomorrow are probably identifiable today, but most of these were made yesterday or last year or like ourselves, even further back. How far back must we go in history in order to identify all the likely constituents of tomorrow, so we can get the flavor of it before it arrives?

The tomorrow that we are all about to awaken to is not big. It is vast and it demands real and diverse landscapes to accommodate all those who will shape it. So we begin yesterday with real flawed people in real places.

First stop is Northern Ethiopia and tomorrow we will move effortlessly to a small city in the Arabian semi-desert. Later we will journey on to places much more but also far less familiar to see how Destiny goes about assembling a very specific made to order version of tomorrow that will arrive no matter what we do.

On this journey be prepared to confront some obstacles in the form of extremely dubious preconceptions that most of us are probably not even aware of.

This book is essential reading for people who seriously contemplate where evolution might be taking us and who we might meet on the way.

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Denis is a late bloomer, having spent a career or three in International Aviation Management. He brings his in-depth exposure to diverse cultures into his writing by reminding us that all tomorrows will not happen to someone else but to all us, everywhere we live. He likes to put substance into technology and provides some novel concepts into interstellar travel, artificial intelligence and the underlying subatomic reality that makes up what we think we see around us. He was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and now lives in the west of the country.

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2 responses to “The Catalysis Trilogy by Denis McClean”

  1. Awareness is in the present, no need to venture into the past as the past is in the present and future moment, should one observe the motions of the conditioned mind in the actions of oneself and community. The past and the future are the same reaction, dream, goal, tradition etc. It is not to say that looking back is irrelevant, it is in order to understand the present action and future world. I’ve heard: to see the present, look into the past, to see the future, look into your present action. Thanks, for your contribution to humanity, mindfulness and observance. Thanks, Maynard

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