Starlight by Gabriella Francis

511hkl0o-jl-_sx404_bo1204203200_Deep in the heart of Ancient Egypt, the Zodiac grants mortals with abilities beyond even the Gods’ comprehension.

Each Birthsign aligns them with different Tribes. Divided by war and hatred for each other, the destiny falls upon four mortals to unite them, and bring down the evil Zodiac God that brought this curse into Egypt.

The Fire Sign: Nadia was taken from her family as a child, and raised as princess of her tribe. She has a secret passion for forbidden dance. A dance that fuels a deep, burning fire hidden within her soul.

The Water Sign: Kahn leads a rogue tribe, determined to make peace with the other Zodiac members. Until he is seen as a threat to the Zodiac God’s worship. He is willing to restore Egypt to it’s former glory, even if he must drown in the depths of the Red Sea.

The Air Sign: Zhara is princess of Cairo, living under the watch of a cold, merciless Pharaoh. Once she dives into her own history, and discovers powers that have been asleep within her all her life, the last thing she wants is to rule Egypt with an iron fist, and taint the air with the smell of blood.

The Earth Sign: Dakarai is a young priest in training, worshiping the Gods of Egypt in an underground temple. He hates the Zodiac ways, and would rather sink into the Underworld than worship the Zodiac God. Yet, he feels like someone is waiting for him. Waiting for his soul to rise like a tree of life, who’s roots would pierce the sky and bring light to the darkness.

The dawn of a new war is coming. The lives of these four mortals intertwine. Nadia, Kahn, Zhara, and Dakarai are plunged into a dizzying world of magic, murder, Zodiacs, Egyptian Gods, and dangerous love. As tensions rage between them, they must learn to harness the power of the true Zodiac and lead their people to freedom from tyrany and rage.

A Zodiac Table cannot be complete unless all four elements unite as one.

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Gabriella Francis is the 18-year-old author of the Crestfallen Duology, and the in-progress novel Starlight. She wrote her first book at the age of 12. She currently lives in Miami, Florida, and is studying Concept Art and Entertainment Design for the movie industry. She’s had a short film personally nominated and chosen to be screened in the Miami Film Festival for best story. She’s been recognized by the Merricks Lions Club as a young author, is currently working on a new novel to be published by Sammy HK Smith of Grimbold Books and Kristell-Ink, and will be featured in the Miami Book Fair this November.

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