And Ye Shall Be As Gods by Jan Notzon

Jan Notzon book coverWho is responsible? In his quest to find the author of his beloved little sister’s retreat from the world into darkness and despair, Jacob Kazmareck must confront evils past and present.

From his abandoned career as a public defender, to teaching high school in the wilds of the South Bronx, he finally finds his way home to the border city of his youth. There, he discovers a curious connection between the devils that hound his dear sister and his lost love.

In one final gut-wrenching episode of self-discovery, he finds the evil he seeks in a most unexpected and astonishing place.

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Jan Notzon is a novelist and playwright who has made Charlotte, NC his home since 1994.
His latest work is the novel And Ye Shall Be As Gods, the harrowing tale of a brother’s fight to rescue his beloved sister from the clutches of despair. His first novel, The Dogs Barking, is the riveting coming-of-age story of Jason Kelly in a sleepy backwater Texas border town in the 1950s, through the dislocation of university life in the 60s and on to the raw, frenetic power of New York City. He has also written seven full-length plays, a one-act, The Forsaken, which was produced in two different venues in New York City. His play The Cosmological Constant was workshopped and presented as a staged reading at Actors’ Theatre in Charlotte, NC by the Applebox Production Company. He has also written one children’s story. His play When Good Men Do Nothing was a finalist in the Dramarama Competition in San Francisco. Jan has also worked as an actor, appearing on Matlock, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and, most recently, in The Confession on The Hallmark Channel, a work directed by Michael Landon Jr., with Adrian Paul and Sherry Stringfield. He is at present busily, sweatily at work on his third novel.

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