Sleight by Tom Twitchel

51ehitwg9ol-_sx331_bo1204203200_Benjamin Brown, a seventeen-year-old, successfully escaped from a kidnapper using his supernatural gifts.

His sometime girlfriend, Justine, wasn’t quite as lucky. When she shows up at his door, looking like death warmed over, Benjamin isn’t sure what to to do. Fearing that she is hiding something that threatens both of them, he searches for answers, and is thrown into the middle of a power struggle between two warring factions of the shadowy supernatural community. When he is confronted by betrayal and pure evil he must make a choice: use his gifts to save the people he has come to love, or turn away from a power that may push him over a line that separates heroes from monsters.

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Raised in Hawaii and having traveled throughout North and South America, Tim always loved reading and writing. In 2013, he began crafting a story inspired by his youngest son and his friends. His debut novel was called ‘an extraordinary creation’ and ‘darkly polished’ by Kirkus Reviews.

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