510gang2byllAngela is a narcoleptic. Or at least, that’s what she tells people. The truth is . . . somewhat more complicated.

Angela has two lives, existing in parallel universes. When she sleeps in one life, she is awake in her other life. In one reality she is single and successful in New York City. In her other reality, she is a loving wife and mother in suburban Sacramento. But which life is real? And can she be happy in both of them? When, in one of her realities, she meets Tony, a handsome poet, she begins to think that perhaps she can find love and have the family she always dreamed of. But, as things go well in one life, they begin to fall apart in another, and Angela has to navigate complicated questions of family, loyalty, and love.

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Jennifer Provenza is an actor, playwright, and professor of theatre. She has her BFA from NYU and her MFA from Brooklyn College. Her plays have been performed at NYU, Barnyard Theatre, The Strawberry One Act Festival, and Gone in 60 in Brooklyn and in Leeds, England. She lives in Sacramento with her husband, two daughters, and their fluffy black cat, Mrs. Sparkles.

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