Indie Authors Find Creative Freedom, Short Stories Don’t Pay…

The Rise of Self-Publishing Lends Authors Creative Freedom (The Lamron)


This is not to say that the process doesn’t have its drawbacks. Despite the concept’s increasing popularity and the rise of Internet and digital printing, many within the literary world hold self-published books at a distance.

10 People (Besides the Author) Who Bring a Book into the World (Bustle)


…if you’re an aspiring writer, understanding the process will only help you as you set forth to get your own book made. Publishing a book is a crazy ride, and these are the people whose hard work and talent make everything come together.

Don’t Try to Make a Living Writing Short Stories (Wired)


Swanwick believes that short fiction serves as a proving ground for new ideas, and that more of it means more innovation and experimentation. He citesWilliam Gibson‘s short story“Burning Chrome,” which served as a test case for Gibson’s classic cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.

Regional Indian-Language Authors Finding Wider Audiences (Financial Times)


Until recently, writing in regional languages struggled for attention in India, overshadowed by English. But of late, India’s growing publishing industry, hungry for more original literary fiction, has cast its net beyond the urban, anglophone writers who have dominated the literary spotlight. Critically or commercially successful novels written in indigenous Indian languages are increasingly published in translation, helping them transcend their linguistic boundaries to reach wider audiences.

13 science fiction authors on how Star Trek influenced their lives (The Verge)


Star Trek has had an enormous influence on the world of science fiction ever since it aired on NBC in 1966. Gene Roddenberry’s drama aboard a spaceship introduced millions of viewers to science fiction across the world, and inspired some viewers to become science fiction authors in their own right.

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