Broken & Damaged Love by TL Clark

51rfo3ine1lA CSA survivor battles her demons and discovers love on her path to recovery.

Tina is a fictional character, but sadly her story is all too real for many out there. This book has been written to offer hope to survivors of child sex abuse, and to help inform the general public of the signs to watch out for. It is currently raising money for charity (I’m donating all my author proceeds right now).

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TL Clark is a British indie author of stand-alone romance novels. She has a full-time day job, so her writing can only happen in her leisure time. Fortunately, she has a very supportive loving husband who ensures she’s still fed when she buries herself in her books. Her dream is to be able to buy a farmhouse someday with an annexe so that she can help stressed people and horses with her holistic therapies, and also have more time to write.

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