Robot Takeovers and Cautionary Legal Thrillers…

S.J. Whitcomb’s book “The World Never Ends”…delves into the fear and possibilities of a robotic world (PR Web)


Recent release “The World Never Ends” from Page Publishing author S.J. Whitcomb is both suspenseful and chilling; this book depicts a world where robots are increasing in population causing war and the possible extinction of humans.

Skye Nichols’s new book “Runner” is the daunting tale of the downward spiral of one attorney…(PR Web)


Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Nichols’s cautionary tale demonstrates the danger of blind trust in an institution, even if its very existence is the means of one’s paycheck.

Why Patreon is the new mecca for crowdfunded publishing (The Bookseller)


Most importantly, the Patreon scheme holds us accountable. The public can instantly see how many backers we have and how much money we receive every time we decide to push the big orange button to process payments. If we’re making £10,000 per issue, people are understandably going to expect an exceptional product; if we receive £100, it shows that we have a small but enthusiastic community and that we will create a product we think they will love.

A Return to Print? Not Exactly (Bloomberg)


E-books are not taking over the world! That seems pretty clear from a Pew Research Center survey released last week, which showed that the percentage of Americans who read digital books hasn’t risen since 2014.

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