The Demise of Traditional Publishing, and B&N Stores Showcasing Indies…

A long journey to success for local author (Katy Times)



Slaughter explained work as a type of balancing act between writing and her other job as a Katy Independent School District employee. Working up to 20 hours during the school year and 40 in the summer, the author has been able to write seven different books while serving as her own marketing manager.

W&N to publish writers from ‘under-represented places’ (The Booksellers)



Weidenfeld & Nicolson (W&N) is launching Hometown Tales, a series of short books which will publish authors from underrepresented regions across the UK to bring new voices to a national audience.

W&N editors will provide mentorship to unpublished authors and the diversity initiative will also see an unpublished writer paired with a high-profile author, resulting in a book containing work by each writing about the same place or theme.

The series aims to “open up the publishing industry” by pairing unpublished talent with recognised names and the initiative aims to provide a platform and launchpad for new writers who “wouldn’t necessarily be found through conventional channels”, the publisher said.

The Inevitable Death of Traditional Book Publishers (Huffington Post)



Traditional book publishers. They were once known as the titans of the book publishing industry. In the Baby Boomer era, self-publishing was an unknown concept. You needed a traditional publisher if you wanted the best chance to succeed with your book.

Kidpreneur Launches Publishing Company That Celebrates Brown Girls Everywhere (Black Enterprise)


This budding young entrepreneur discovered a void in the market for coloring books that celebrate the beauty of her and her friends. Rather than merely complain, she did something about it by publishing a coloring book titled Curly Girls Love Your Curls that encourages high self-esteem and positive self-images for black girls.

Barnes & Noble to let some self-published authors sell books in stores, on website (Columbus Dispatch)


Barnes & Noble has introduced a big change in the self-publishing world: For the first time, the retail chain will carry author-published books in its bricks-and-mortar stores.

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