Gray Widow’s Walk by Dan Jolley

gray widow's book cover“The only thing in this world you can truly control is yourself.” Janey Sinclair’s ability to teleport has always been a mystery to her. She tried for years to ignore it, but when tragedy shatters her life, Janey’s anger consumes her. She hones her fighting skills, steals a prototype suit of military body armor, and takes to the streets of Atlanta, venting her rage as the masked vigilante dubbed “the Gray Widow” by the press.

But Janey’s power and her willingness to use it plunges her into a conflict on a much grander scale than she had anticipated. Soon she encounters Simon Grove, a bloodthirsty runaway with a shapeshifting ability gone horribly wrong…Garrison Vessler, an ex-FBI agent and current private defense contractor, who holds some of the answers Janey’s been searching for… And Tim Kapoor, the first person in years with a chance of breaking through Janey’s emotional shell-if she’ll let him. But as Janey’s vigilantism gains worldwide attention, and her showdown with Simon Grove draws ever closer, the reason for her augmented abilities – hers and all the others like her – begins to reveal itself. Because, high above the Earth, other eyes are watching. And they have far-reaching plans…

Gray Widow’s Walk is book one of the Gray Widow Trilogy, to be followed by Gray Widow’s Web and Gray Widow’s War.

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Dan Jolley started writing professionally at age nineteen while attending the University of Georgia. Beginning in comic books, he has since branched out into original novels, licensed-property novels, children’s books, and video games. His 25-year career includes the young adult sci-fi/espionage trilogy Alex Unlimited; the award-winning comic book mini-series “Obergeist”; the Eisner Award-nominated comic book mini-series “JSA: The Liberty Files”; and the Transformers video games “War for Cybertron” and “Fall of Cybertron.” Dan served as co-writer of the worldwide bestselling zombie/parkour game Dying Light, and as lead writer of the Oculus Rift game Chronos. He lives in the northwest Georgia foothills with his wife Tracy and a handful of largely inert cats.


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