Shadows in the Mist by Amy Flint

Shadows in the Mist book coverNicknamed ‘The Shadow Reader’ for her ability to see ghosts, Dr. Porter Biggleswade is a straight-talking paranormal investigator.

While Porter’s work takes her to the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth, ghostly feuds are the least of her worries. A woman haunted by her living mother, a farmer plagued by spectral ewes, and a developer desperate to evict his medieval tenants all show Porter that the living are as troubled as the shadows she is investigating.

Shadows in the Mist is the first book in Amy Flint’s Porter Biggleswade series.

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Amy Flint writes paranormal mysteries and is lucky enough to live in York, allegedly one of the most haunted places in England. The city lends itself well to paranormal mystery writing! Flint has a background in archaeology and used to work in Pompeii and at the British Museum. She had the idea for the Porter Biggleswade series after moving to York in 2011 and discovering that ghosts are a key part of York life. It seems that most people have a ghost story to tell.

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