Meet the Author: Marie Jean Davis


What have you written so far?

I am still working on the series of seven books with the first one, Haunting Visions published on Amazon. My other book,s Cruel Providence, and Witches Hunt are also on Amazon.

I am currently finalizing the fourth book, Visions of the Past, and I am proofing the book. Days at Court is also on its final leg with my editor. These last two books will be published this year.

Do you work on an outline or plot sketch, or do you prefer to let a general idea to guide your writing?

For me, I prefer to first see mini trailers in my mind and from these ideas I must formulate an outline of how I think the book should be written. However, at the end of the book, I sometimes find the pieces of the puzzle (the mini trailers) must be rearranged to help the reader, or to make the whole story more intriguing.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Keep all your ideas, even if they seem silly or ridiculous at that time because some day you may want to revisit them, and you may find a book can be written out of these ideas. Your writing skills will improve with time, as did mine, and whenever possible get an editor to help with the details. I have found editors are immensely skilled at navigating through the uncharted waters you will have to overcome. Never give up even if only your friends read your books. Just write because you enjoy it!

Can you share with the readers a little about your latest book?

Haunting Visions is based on a character named Jewel Seymour, who actually is gifted with seeing into the future through visions and dreams to help others with her gifts. She starts by helping lost girls find their parents. Jewel, unfortunately, gets entangled in a more sinister affair and ends up being kidnapped. She must not only save herself but also save others who have had the misfortune to end up in a dark, damp cave held captive by a sick-minded individual.

Here is the back cover of the premier of the books, Haunting Visions:

“Psychic Jewel Seymour must investigate yet another mysterious disappearance of a teenager. Tina Miles, who disappeared minutes from her school, has been missing without a trace for a few days now. Led on the trail by spirits, Jewel seeks their help to solve the mystery. However, when the police get involved, Jewel’s world becomes entangled with corruption, deception and mistrust, becoming suspicious of even her own close friends. Jewel must learn who she can trust in order to solve the case of the missing teen before she too ends up joining the spirit world!”

What role does research play?

The research stemmed from many different centuries as book 2, Cruel Providence is set in 1799 in England, whereas book 3, Witches Hunt is set in 1692 in the USA, book 4, Visions of the Past is set in 1940 and 1800’s, and so far with book 5, Days at Court is set in 1522 on English soil. So, as you can see, the research with those time periods was very crucial to the accounts of those centuries.

Who or what inspires your writing?

My regression initially inspired my writing, and while the regression began about ten years ago, I found myself on a learning curve to my inner growth and once these were written down, I formulated an idea of how to bring those ideas into a series of books to help others understand this concept of how souls can live on eternally.



haunting visions

How can you connect with MJ Davis? 
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