Writing Prompt and Contest

It’s time to flex your writing muscles and have a little fun with words. Even if you’re not a writer at heart, give it a try: write a story (500 words or less) based on the following passage:

When Jean saw the man in the black business suit, she stopped, held her breath and prayed that he would not look up from his cell phone. Not wasting another moment, she hurried and ducked out of sight behind the garbage dumpster.

Writerly Friday Contest Guidelines: Submit your story to Questions@BernetaHaynes.com for a chance to have your story featured in Waking Writer. Be sure to include your name and a couple of sentences about yourself in the body of the email. Attach the story as a Word document or PDF. All rights to the story will remain with you, and all genres will be accepted. Feel free to submit more than one story. One winner will be chosen in May, and the story will be featured on Friday, May 13th. 

So, go ahead, be brave and creative. I look forward to reading your story submission!


Submission Deadline: April 30th | Format: Word or PDF | Word Count: up to 500 

Fine print: Author retains all rights to the work. Include author name and contact information in manuscript. 

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