Pavithra Arun, author of Our Perfectly Blended Chaos

What inspires you to write? My inspiration for writing comes from the passion I feel for it. I started writing back in school. It began with small articles for a Sharjah daily newspaper. When I left home to come to a different country and start my life independently, I knew…

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Faye Hall, author of Apathy and Vigour

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre? I used to love watching old detective shows with my mum, especially Agatha Christie, but I always wondered about the lives and loves of the characters. One day I started writing these ideas onto paper and the rest…

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Justine Johnston Hemmestad, author of MacBeth’s Spinners

What inspires you to write? Courageous but mysterious people from history draw me to write about them in order to understand them. Unanswered questions and mysteries inspire me to write, as does the scope of what is possible and impossible…the things that people in history attributed to supernatural forces.  Do…

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Michael Walker-Thomas, author of The Voices You May Not Hear

What inspires you to write? I got inspired by my elders. Whether it was my grandmother, W.E.B. Du Bois, or James Baldwin, they all influenced me to write and do great work. I get inspired every day also, and it shows in my writing. I am constantly writing things down.…

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Macbeth’s Spinners by Justine Johnston Hemmestad

Macbeth’s Spinners begins in Eleventh Century Scotland with the supernatural transformation of the three Greek fates, but witchcraft only serves as a cover for their true mission. To thwart their ancient nemesis, the Greek god Apollo, they consolidate their power to help the warlord Macbeth, though Apollo is aware and…

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Question Culture: History Edition on Robber Barons and Rebels

During the most recent episode of Question Culture (a bi-weekly socio-political podcast), Lornett and Brian discussed wealth accumulation in the hands of a few in post-Civil-War America. Check out the episode. As you know, at Waking Writer we don’t focus on writing and literature in a vacuum. All writing and art operate…

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