Erik Foge, author of One Way Roads

What inspired you to pursue a career as a novelist? When I was 14, my parents sent me to Washington DC, on a school trip. That was the first spark that got me interested in writing, but it also inspired me to work for the federal government. When I was…

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Existence Parallel by Patricia M. Muhammad

Two worlds exist. One tangible, and the other intangible. Only the elders of the first world know the secrets of the other. This is what they believe. For many years Queen Udelilia conspires against Princess Valera because of her destiny and the gifts the Great Powers bestowed upon her. The…

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Mitch Maiman, author of Every Third Night

What inspires you to write? I am inspired to write when there is a story that must be told. It must be done with passion and honesty, and preferably described by someone who has a connection with the material. It needs to be illuminated by complex characters through their conflicts…

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Meet Dee Rose, author of Forbidden Love

When did you first consider yourself a writer? I first considered myself to be a writer when I published my first book called Cloning Around. How do you think you’ve evolved creatively? I think I’ve evolved creatively because I’ve written in different genres that I wouldn’t have trusted myself to…

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Question Culture: Propaganda

During the most recent episode of Question Culture (a bi-weekly socio-political podcast), Lornett and Brian discussed the “father of modern propaganda” Edward Bernays, the utilization of propaganda by Joseph Goebbels and the Nazi party, and American wartime propaganda. Check out the episode. As you know, at Waking Writer we don’t focus on…

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Pavithra Arun, author of Our Perfectly Blended Chaos

What inspires you to write? My inspiration for writing comes from the passion I feel for it. I started writing back in school. It began with small articles for a Sharjah daily newspaper. When I left home to come to a different country and start my life independently, I knew…

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