Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 5: Guests of Honor

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal In a large dining hall, Valerie sat at the head of a long table with Grayson and Mia. Like the rest of the extravagant mansion, everything in the dining room was white—the tablecloth with shimmering silk embroidery, the curtains, the dinnerware, and…

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4 Ways to Support Indie Authors!

Being a writer is not for the faint of heart. From actually writing a novel, short story collection, or book of poetry, and editing it to completion, to having the courage to share it with the world…it’s hard work! But the hardest part is marketing, getting your work in front…

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Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 4: Garden of Eden

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal Valerie followed Bom, who escorted them around the mansion and stopped at a greenhouse. The massive greenhouse extended into an outdoor garden. A dozen people—all dressed in white robes like Bom—were on their hands and knees tending to vegetables, while others were…

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Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 3: Visit to Eden

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal Valerie rode with Bradford, who regaled her with details about Grand Teton and the area’s natural history. She surmised he was a geologist, but as he went on, he mentioned working as a plumber twenty-five years ago before the Great Turn.            …

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Question Culture: Sexism and Gender Roles

During the most recent episode of Question Culture (a bi-weekly socio-political podcast), Lornett and Brian discussed a wide variety of topics including, sexism, gender roles, the patriarchy, and rape culture. Check out the episode. As you know, at Waking Writer we don’t focus on writing and literature in a vacuum. All writing…

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Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 2: Good Samaritan

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal Valerie awoke when she heard Mia chatting with a man. It wasn’t Grayson’s deep baritone voice but a softer, more calming voice. As she wiped the drool from the side of her mouth, she sat up and peered through the clearing.            …

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