Shadow City: A Futuristic Noir by Michael Robbins

In a metropolis engulfed by shadows, Jack Harper, a former detective haunted by their own past, becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that stretches to the highest echelons of power. Jack’s path intertwines with a diverse cast of characters, each carrying their own secrets and motivations. Together, they navigate a treacherous…

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Jonathan Faia, author of Love Letters from Barstow

What inspires you to write?   I’ve always felt the need for expression. When you’re young and not sure who understands you or whether you even understand you, there is writing. It allowed me to digest the emotions I struggled with and gave me an outlet to be creative at the…

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R.I. Lockett, author of The Guardians of Celesk

What advice would you give to aspiring authors? Treat writing with the passion it deserves. Try to think about what message you are trying to say as you put it out in the world, and have fun with it. There are also going to be days where you don’t feel…

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Dushica Labovich, author of Secret of Bridge

What inspires you to write?  Everyone and everything inspires me to write. I am an eternal lover of people, nature and events. I especially like history, psychology and science, which I always include somewhere in my novel, even if it is a romance novel. As a philosopher and lover of…

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New Group for Indie Writers and Readers

As you may remember, fellow indie author Cendrine Marrouat and I created an #AuthorIndieSpeak Twitter chat last year, where we discussed all sorts of things relevant to indie authors. We discussed marketing, how to publish, reaching readers, and much more. We’ve decided a Facebook group might be a better format…

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