From the Editor: Launching a Monthly Newsletter!

Dear Readers, Thanks for your continued readership and support of Waking Writer! I truly love running this site and meeting so many awesome writers. To reward some of my readers, I’m creating a monthly newsletter, called Berneta’s Reading Misfits, and giving the next three subscribers a free e-book copy of…

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Bethany Nicholls, author of Waning

Are you a full-time or part-time writer and how does that affect your writing? As of now, I’m a part-time writer, though I hold out hope that this could change sometime in the future. One of the things I really struggle with is time. Between work, housework, family commitments, and…

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Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 9: Sacrifice

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal As Valerie rushed to Sage’s quarters, she wondered why it was quiet. Where were all the family members? She checked a couple of rooms and found them empty. The dining hall was as empty as when she’d left it earlier.             Then…

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Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 8: Missing in Action

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal Once again, Valerie and Grayson were the guests of honor for dinner, but Mia was nursing a hangover, according to Bom. “Mia’s still resting in Sage’s quarters and won’t join us,” Bom told Grayson. She joined them at the head of the…

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Eden’s Paradise, Ep. 7: A Family Reunion

By Berneta L. Haynes and Lornett B. Vestal Valerie’s mind spun until she found herself standing in her kitchen in Chicago. Kendrick sat at the table cleaning his combat boots, while Aya—her ten-year-old daughter—sat across from him reading a book about the pyramids of Egypt.             All of a sudden,…

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On Choosing to Indie Publish

By way of background… When I wrote my first novel, I was around eleven years old. I wrote it in a paper notebook that has been long lost in the nearly twenty years since then, but I remember the central plot involved bunnies and a princess. By the time I…

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