First-Person POV: The Good and the Bad

“The truth is, I hate not being the first person narrator all the way through! To paraphrase David Copperfield, I don’t know whether I’m the hero or the victim of this tale. But either way, shouldn’t I dominate it?”

― Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for third-person point-of-view and the old-fashioned feel of it. It gives me the feeling of sitting in front of a fire and telling a story to a group of enthralled listeners.

But what about first-person – perhaps the most commonly used point-of-view in contemporary fiction?

Frankly, I never employ first-person in my fiction. That’s for a lot of reasons (mostly because it feels too limiting for my writing sensibilities). But maybe I need to open my mind and probe a little deeper about first-person. Let’s take a closer look at first-person and tease out the good and the bad.

1st Person Pov.png

What do you like or dislike about first-person pov? Do you regularly use it in your stories?

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6 responses to “First-Person POV: The Good and the Bad”

    • I’m the opposite, in the sense that I’ve only ever seen the limitations of first person and none of its benefits. Lately, however, I’ve been trying to see some of the benefits. I’m even hoping to give it a shot in a short story (I don’t think I could enjoy writing an entire novel in first person).


      • First person is very powerful for shorts; it allows the reader to BE the character. but it is an impersonation that doesn’t stand up well over long periods, unless written very well, because you aren’t the character, and the disconnect begins to show after a while.

        I have a few shorts on my website that I especially like ( that has exactly what you would expect: the flaws of something heartfelt being written (by the character) in one fell swoop before she goes off to do what she must. I have never dared touch it after writing it. It came as a piece.

        But one of my favorites, Jane Eyre, is first person – and quite long – but maintains the persona. That’s what I mean by very well written.

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